10 Best Role Playing Games (RPG) For Android

Role playing games are fun, entertaining and addictive no matter which age group you belong to. Here is a list of the best RPGs that are highly popular among android users. Most of these listed games are absolutely free, so enjoy RPG gaming with your favorite android device.

Kingdoms Live

This is a pretty smart game filled with a plenty of action and you have to win a lot of wars to make it to the top of the mightiest kingdom and you may start of as a peasant in this game. You build your own kingdom by acquiring land and earn income from them, invite friends to your army and hence, become a stronger force.

Cyber Knights RPG

This is one of the best Android RPG according to many social networking followers. The game is full of nano and cyber technology and the cyber knights who are beyond human abilities. Main features include 500 unique locations, urban battles, 20000 battle combinations, etc.

Order & Chaos Online

This is one of the best role playing games in the Google Play Store. It can be only played online and is a true full-3D MMORPG game. There are thousands of online players that you can join in the heroic fantasy world where the player experiences gaming of a life time. You can create up to 4 different characters to play, make friends or enemies, trade or duel, etc.

Inotia 4: Assasin of Berkel

Yet another game from the Com2us developers of award winning Inotia Series. The story is brilliant and you personalize your character. This is one of the most entertaining games.

Final Fantasy III

One of the paid games, this needs no introduction. Its only disadvantage is the steep price but if you are a hardcore fan, it won’t stop you from getting it. It is a popular game played all over the world.

Zenonia 4

This is a well-made role playing game that doesn’t cost a penny. Filled with amazing graphics, cool power moves, an engaging story and three challenging levels of difficulty, this game is pretty addictive.

Gurk II, the 8 bit RPG

This game belongs to the old school yet is pretty popular. It is a paid app and has a pronounced ‘80s look and feel right down to the MDI synthesized sound effects.

Pocket RPG

This isn’t an ordinary role playing game like all others. Your character’s stats are reset before every level which indicates that you need to plan his or her development wisely depending on what creatures are lurking ahead.

MapleStory Live

This is a partly a RPG and partly a platformer. It started as an online computer game but now, is free to play with on your android device. It has two distinct character classes and a huge 2D map waiting to be explored.

Buddy Rush

This is a socially oriented RPG and was once playable only on facebook. But now you can play it on your Android as well. The action takes place in a cartoonish 3D world and your goal is to complete the missions along with the heroes that you and your friends have created.

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