6 Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android

It is not possible to have cell service everywhere we go. This implies having an offline mapping solution is actually a necessity. Offline maps are great for hiking, hunting, back packing, etc. This is the list of the best Android offline map apps.


Free GPS Navigation- this is a fully featured, non- time limited turn by turn navigation app. Once you download the map, you can use it for any period of time and may update it for free. This is in fact, the best Android application available for GPS navigation. By turn by turn navigation, they offer on screen instructions, offline maps usage and other features to show navigate able path via Microsoft Bing and Google Maps.


This is a map viewer or router for your outdoor activities. The app works in two modes, both offline and online. In the online mode, it provides with different types of apps including Google Maps, Open Street Map, Microsoft Maps, etc. Offline, it functions with calibrated maps for the application. In fact, you can convert your own Ozi Explorer Maps or even create your own maps with a desktop tool. It allows you track records using GPS. The best part about this app is that it is completely free and does not include advertising of any sort. The other advantages include allowing save and restore preferences, external Bluetooth GPS support, geo catching support, way point navigation mode, etc.


This off road GPS navigator is great for hiking, boating, geo catching and other outdoor activities. It offers offline map support, compass and track recording. The multiple global and regional online maps include Bing, Yandex, Open Street Maps, OSM cycle to name a few. This app records tracks with a single tap. All maps in this app are automatically cached for offline use and the user can create maps using the Mobile Atlas Creator. This app is free of cost. Also, it saves all the places you visit in a KML file.


This a premium turn by turn GPS navigation app. It is actually a voice guided GPS navigation app and is packed with TomTom maps and an impressive set of navigation features. Maps are stored in the phone for offline use. This app offers 3D cities and landscape, real time traffic, dynamic lane guidance, interactive maps, etc. In fact, you can tap on any street or point of interest to get details. This is one of the most trusted apps in the market and offers a 7 days trial.


This is a useful app that can be used as a navigation tool with both online and offline modes. It has some uber cool features such as auto follow, search, compass, auto rotate maps, etc. The other advantages of using this app include changing maps from Yandex, Google Maps or any other, displaying multi user defined maps at the same time, accurate location in offline maps too, etc. The app is known for its precision and accuracy. This app is free of cost.


This offline map viewer is actually a favorite among trekkers and back country hikers. The multi-function tourist navigation offers both online and offline maps. It also has the feature of online calculation tracks.

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