7 Best Free Battery Widgets For Android

Often there are apps on your Android device that eat away your battery crazily. There are widgets available on Google Play Store that’ll control your battery consumption via alerts and information about battery life. Here are some of the best ones:

Battery Widget (Elvison)

This is an elegant yet simple battery information widget that keeps an eye on your phone’s battery consumption. It shows the battery level on your home screen. On tapping it, more information regarding your battery will be displayed. It can be configured to show three different colors to reflect your battery level – high, medium and low. This widget will not drain your battery. It consumes only a little computation power and battery. It is available in a plethora of languages and anyone in the world can make use of this app.

Battery Solo Widget

This is simply a battery level indicator that was made for Android 1.6 or later. The pro version has more features. It doesn’t drain the battery and on tapping offers more information. This is what the free version comprises of. You can always access additional information like current by purchasing the Pro version.

Battery Widget (Geekyouup)

This is a graphical battery widget that shows the exact battery level. You can add it on the home screen with menu à addà widgetsàbattery widget. This gives you shortcuts to power summary, display, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings. Via this widget you can figure out which app is eating away your battery. This is available free of cost.

Gauge Battery Widget

If you are bored of traditional battery widgets, you should try the analog look. This has small, medium and large versions with really cool graphics. The battery percent indicates how much if battery life is left. The battery status in the status bar can be turned off when wished. In the status bar, it shows the temperature and voltage. You can configure the battery widget color options and hence can customize the look of the widget. It gives you two options – 1*1 and 2*2. The 2*2 widget is for the phones with larger screens and tablets. It is available free of cost. Purchasing the pro version of this widget lets you tweak with this more such as access to more widget looks, manually configuring colors and adjusting widget transparency.

Zebra Battery Widget

Though this is almost the same as the above mentioned ones, it is known for its accuracy. The zebra pattern changes according to the battery capacity. You can display the icon in the notification bar. It can be added to the home screen in the usual manner of long pressing and selecting widget and then zebra battery widget.

Dual Battery Widget

This battery widget shows the status of internal battery and the secondary battery in your dock station. It is mostly intended for Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet. In all other devices, it shows the main battery icon only. The widget is resizable and you can make it as little as one cell on your screen or as huge as to fill the entire home screen. It also stores the battery values and displays them on a chart for later review. It is available free of cost.

Beautiful Battery Disc

This is probably the most beautiful circular battery widget available on Google Play Store. It is well designed, simple and a customizable battery widget. It displays the battery power percentage in the form of a disc or circle. It comes in two sizes – 1*1 and 2*2. It doesn’t drain battery and receives battery broadcasts only. This widget is perfect for Ice Cream Sandwich devices with holographic user interface.

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