Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Features You May Want To Know

Google’s next iteration of Android wasn’t what one would call a big jump from the Ice Cream Sandwich. Rather than releasing Android v5.0, Google has formally introduced v4.1 which is just 0.1 ahead of the Ice Cream Sandwich. Yet, the new Jelly bean is not just a name change. Google has in fact, ushered a few changes that the Android users will enjoy.

  • Among the truck load of features that the Jelly bean has to offer they include Project Butter that brings smoother and faster UI, improved notification center, improved camera and gallery apps, enhanced Android beam that allows transfer of photos and video, intelligent Google voice search, etc. Jelly Bean actually reaches out to solidify the ICS’s lead by polishing the user interface.
  • Jelly Bean is based on the foundation laid by Ice Cream Sandwich. The user interface has some visual changes and also some added cool functionality.
  • Project Butter is a relief to all Android users as Google is often criticized of the UI stutters. Cool animations were always there in Android but the problem was that even the best of smartphones would lag occasionally. Fast and smooth Project Butter gets rid of this problem. Google has made Jelly Bean’s UI run at 60 frames per second where the hardware permits it. There is also a cool feature namely Touch responsiveness that makes your phone anticipate your next move and preloads any animations that you might be needing. The interface is truly “as smooth as butter”.
  • Jelly Bean’s keyboard looks almost the same as that of ICS at first sight, but when you start typing you’ll get the feel of the extremely intelligent SwiftKey feature. Though most people swoon over Swype, SwiftKey’s devilishly intelligent keyboard has a lot to offer – smart punctuation feature for example.
  • Jelly Bean’s lock screen looks pretty cool and the notification center has been revamped. Select app notifications have become smarter and they provide several options for interaction.
  • One of the other interesting features of Jelly Bean is Google Now. It is in simple words, Google’s version of Siri. However, it learns constantly from your daily routines. Google Now also helps you get better and accurate results to your searches.
  • Google Voice Search is the place where Siri gets beaten. With its enhanced looks and heavily updated impressive Voice search, Google has proved itself to be best in this aspect.
  • Google also unveiled its updated Maps app that is included in the Android package now. The addition is the inclusion of “save for offline view” button.
  • Jelly Bean is basically a significant update to ICS. It isn’t a quantum leap in any area, but provides fine tuning of the ICS. The primary problem seems to be its availability.
  • Leaving that aside, Jelly Bean gives Android the smooth feeling of rivaling platforms. Even on moderately powerful hardware, Android has smoother and faster animations and more fluid navigation.
  • The new functionality doesn’t cost a penny and offers extra reasons to buy an Android device. Jelly Bean provides a refreshing boost throughout the handset.


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