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Stuart Hughes Signed A Gold Ambassador Limited Edition iPhone 5

Gold Ambassador Limited Edition iPhone 5

Continues unabated the creative work of Stuart Hughes, who has transformed his workshop in Liverpool in a source of ideas. One of the pearls is the latest Apple iPhone 5 Ambassador 24ct Gold limited edition, in special series of 100 pieces. The famous product of Apple, thanks to the treatment aureus, shines a light luxury, sure to please a certain audience who would do anything to own the best fashion gadgets. The version used is 64 GB, with cover embellished by an expanse of yellow gold 24 carats. To make it even more special this model provides the perimeter of the frame, studded with Swarovski crystals. These are also present on the navigation key and the logo of the house of Cupertino, for a total of 653 bodies sparkling decorations. Each stone is fixed individually, giving the measure of the precision with which each piece has been worked. The device […]

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Ferrari Cavallino Headphones | White G150i Headphones

Ferrari Cavallino White G150i Headphones

In the catalog of the Ferrari Store G150i there are earphones that seal the love for the world of “prancing horse”, cultivated by long rows of fans around the world. Many of these supporters of the myth of Maranello can not afford a “red” and are content to any object here of the brand to feel intimately connected to a family of which they are an active part. Of course, owning a touring Emilian with emotions of a very different tenor is not what most really want, but everyone is satisfied with what he can. Even a simple audio accessory with the legendary logo in a proper light can play a similar role with dignity. That symbol, in fact, is able to arouse special emotions, anywhere. Who does not love Ferrari can not understand it, but no matter. The market, after all, is full of gadgets to suit all tastes. […]

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