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Gaming on Android

Gaming on Android

There has been a huge debate behind the scenes about which mobile operating system is better – iOS, Android or Windows. The two big hitters in the market today are Apple and Android, and so it seems obvious that it would be one of those two since they account for over 50% of the total phones sold every year. But if you’re looking for a phone with unprecedented access to content on the internet, unparalleled reliability and a host of great games then you should look no further than the Android, which is probably the reason why Android smartphones are dominating the market these days. The Android OS was developed as a standardized operating system that could run on any handset. This meant that companies could spend their time building quality phones and tweak the software to bring their particular phone’s strengths to the surface. So whatever kind of phone […]

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5 Best Free Zombie Games For Android

Best Zombie Games for Android

Games are one of the important factor which attracts more users to choose an android device. If you have an android device then you must have heard something about the zombie games. Well, I know most of the android users loves to play zombie games on their android devices. One more reason for the popularity of the zombie games is that its creates an interest in the users mind by using the strategy levels. So, we are going to enlist up five best free zombie games for android that should be on your android device. Stupid Zombies Stupid Zombies is the one of the best zombies game that I have ever played yet. It is basically a puzzle game which allows its users to kill all the zombies with bullets but unluckily you have only five bullets. It’s really a fun games & you will get constantly new situations to […]

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10 Best Free Music & Multimedia Player Apps For Android

Music Player Apps for Android

The Google Play Store has a diverse collection of apps belonging to various categories. One of the most popular belongs to the music-centered apps. This is a list of some of the best free music apps for Android. SoundHound This music app is one of the best in the Google Play Store. The developers claim that it has the world’s fastest music recognition utility. It is a free app and has lyrics for more than one million songs. Its features include recognizing music with a matter of few seconds, unlimited usage inclusion, the only viable singing and humming recognition, previews of songs along with the lyrics and the feature of sharing the songs on Facebook and Twitter. Shazam This is one of the most unique music applications. If you hear a song that you cannot recognize, Shazam will do it for you swiftly. Its key features include saving and listening […]

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10 Best Role Playing Games (RPG) For Android

Best RPG Games for Android

Role playing games are fun, entertaining and addictive no matter which age group you belong to. Here is a list of the best RPGs that are highly popular among android users. Most of these listed games are absolutely free, so enjoy RPG gaming with your favorite android device. Kingdoms Live This is a pretty smart game filled with a plenty of action and you have to win a lot of wars to make it to the top of the mightiest kingdom and you may start of as a peasant in this game. You build your own kingdom by acquiring land and earn income from them, invite friends to your army and hence, become a stronger force. Cyber Knights RPG This is one of the best Android RPG according to many social networking followers. The game is full of nano and cyber technology and the cyber knights who are beyond human […]

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10 Best Racing Games For Android

Best Racing Games for Android

Racing games with their quick races, challenging ambiances and amazing visuals offer great entertainment to all those who want to play casual games on the go. The Google Play Store has some amazing racing games that are additive and are fun to play. Here is a list of some of the best racing games on Android. Most of them are totally free of cost, so enjoy adrenaline on your favorite android device. Asphalt 7: Heat This is one of the games that will pump heat in you. Race the world and feel the heat. It is one of the paid apps. The Asphalt games in fact are the ones that have had a long mainstay in the Google Play Store thanks to their brilliant gameplay and replay ability factor. Tiki Kart 3D This game is on the same lines of Mario Kart and takes kart racing to extremes with its brilliant mix […]

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5 Best Free Antivirus And Anti-Theft Apps For Android

Best Antivirus & Anti-Theft Android Apps

Privacy is always a major issue be it on any platform. With the evolution of Android as a very popular platform for phones, come various kinds of malware, scams, thefts, hacks, etc. Smartphones being a center of your personal data are the best targets for these malicious programs. However, Google Play Store has some effective apps that can detect malware and help protect your phone. These apps also safeguard privacy and secure our phone. However, note that nothing in this world is entirely secure. These apps are no exception. They will provide you the best security possible of course but there is no guarantee that your phone won’t at all get a virus attack. Here is a list of some of the best Android apps that aim at anti-theft and security: AVG Antivirus This is a simply designed app that is deadly as an antivirus and anti-malware app. It can […]

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Google Now vs. Apple’s Siri: Finding Best Voice Assistant?

Google Now vs. Apple’s Siri

Android Jelly Bean has been out for a while now and people are debating between its new ingenious Google Search and Apple’s Siri, the personal assistant. The Google Search app has been completely redesigned to offer users quicker results and improved user interface. People are of the opinion that Google‘s depth as a search provider proves its wherewithal against Apple’s Siri. So, in today’s article, we are pitting the iOS king Apple against the Web Giant Google and discussing which software is better. One of the new features that were introduced in the Google Search App was the voice search that possesses a passing resemblance with Siri. Apple was the first one to bring about a voice assistant and hence deserves all credit for bringing up a unique concept. Samsung had also tried its hand in this zone by developing the S Voice which took on Siri with limited success. […]

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7 Best Free Battery Widgets For Android

Best Free Battery Widgets for Android

Often there are apps on your Android device that eat away your battery crazily. There are widgets available on Google Play Store that’ll control your battery consumption via alerts and information about battery life. Here are some of the best ones: Battery Widget (Elvison) This is an elegant yet simple battery information widget that keeps an eye on your phone’s battery consumption. It shows the battery level on your home screen. On tapping it, more information regarding your battery will be displayed. It can be configured to show three different colors to reflect your battery level – high, medium and low. This widget will not drain your battery. It consumes only a little computation power and battery. It is available in a plethora of languages and anyone in the world can make use of this app. Battery Solo Widget This is simply a battery level indicator that was made for […]

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6 Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android

Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android

It is not possible to have cell service everywhere we go. This implies having an offline mapping solution is actually a necessity. Offline maps are great for hiking, hunting, back packing, etc. This is the list of the best Android offline map apps. NavFree Free GPS Navigation- this is a fully featured, non- time limited turn by turn navigation app. Once you download the map, you can use it for any period of time and may update it for free. This is in fact, the best Android application available for GPS navigation. By turn by turn navigation, they offer on screen instructions, offline maps usage and other features to show navigate able path via Microsoft Bing and Google Maps. OruxMaps This is a map viewer or router for your outdoor activities. The app works in two modes, both offline and online. In the online mode, it provides with different types […]

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How To Get Rid of Annoying Mobile Ads on Your Android Device

Block Ads on Android

Advertisements that keep flashing, beeping and blinking and hence, crowd your smartphone’s screen are always irritating. Given the popularity of the Android platform, its attractiveness to the advertisers has increased. However, there are ways via which you can free yourself from the pesky sale pitches that have taken over your phone. An ad-free experience is not possible, but we can cut down on some bothersome ads, to some degree. An ad free paradise cannot be promised because some websites and app developers rely on ads to stay in business. Here are some ways by which you can have a relatively ad-free phone experience: Ad Blocking Apps: If you browse the Android market, you will find a number of apps that can block ads on your device. But, you will also find that most of them such as AdAway, NetSpector Sniffer, AdFree Android, etc. are available only on rooted phones. This […]

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