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A Look At The Latest Consumer Trends For Mobile Technology Including Pay As You Go Sims

Mobile Technology Trends

Has the iPhone had its day? We take a look at the latest trends for mobile technology The mobile technology industry is one of the fastest-moving in the world. As befits a sector which sells tools for lightning-fast communication and trans-national calls and messages at the touch of a button, the growth and expansion of the popularity and usage of mobile telephone devices is one of the barometers of the speed and voracity of supply and demand in twenty-first century economies. And as one might expect in an industry built on speed, rapid communication and quick-fire response, the trends and features which characterize the industry’s leading players also change and transform rapidly, with great force and sometimes curious side-effects. Who after all would have predicted that the iPhone, the success story which really kicked off the smartphone phenomenon nearly ten years ago, would be eclipsed by a little-swooned-over brand, Samsung, that’s […]

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Features You May Want To Know

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google’s next iteration of Android wasn’t what one would call a big jump from the Ice Cream Sandwich. Rather than releasing Android v5.0, Google has formally introduced v4.1 which is just 0.1 ahead of the Ice Cream Sandwich. Yet, the new Jelly bean is not just a name change. Google has in fact, ushered a few changes that the Android users will enjoy. Among the truck load of features that the Jelly bean has to offer they include Project Butter that brings smoother and faster UI, improved notification center, improved camera and gallery apps, enhanced Android beam that allows transfer of photos and video, intelligent Google voice search, etc. Jelly Bean actually reaches out to solidify the ICS’s lead by polishing the user interface. Jelly Bean is based on the foundation laid by Ice Cream Sandwich. The user interface has some visual changes and also some added cool functionality. Project […]

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