How To Get Rid of Annoying Mobile Ads on Your Android Device

Advertisements that keep flashing, beeping and blinking and hence, crowd your smartphone’s screen are always irritating. Given the popularity of the Android platform, its attractiveness to the advertisers has increased. However, there are ways via which you can free yourself from the pesky sale pitches that have taken over your phone.

An ad-free experience is not possible, but we can cut down on some bothersome ads, to some degree. An ad free paradise cannot be promised because some websites and app developers rely on ads to stay in business. Here are some ways by which you can have a relatively ad-free phone experience:

Ad Blocking Apps:

If you browse the Android market, you will find a number of apps that can block ads on your device. But, you will also find that most of them such as AdAway, NetSpector Sniffer, AdFree Android, etc. are available only on rooted phones. This is because they make changes to the host files which are allowed only on rooted devices. Rooting a smartphone gives you access to the core files and full control over the device. You can install third party apps and customized themes after rooting the phone. However, rooting voids your warranty. For those who don’t feel that rooting your Android device is a good option can always go for paid apps such as Ad blocker & Data Toggle available at $2. The app installs easily but does not block ads efficiently. There has been a mixed response regarding this app.

Blocked Connections:

The app, Ad Blocker & Data Toggle works by switching off the internet connection when you open a game or app. Without the data connection, the app cannot access advertisements. This also implies that you cannot use this method with apps that need an internet connection to function. You can also switch your device to airplane mode and this will serve the same purpose. The drawback is that you will miss all the incoming calls and messages. Although this manual approach to the ad issue might involve more work than the previous method, but it provides better results.

Ad-Free Web:

Turning off your data connection is not a great option if you want to browse the Web. Luckily, there are apps that will make sure your web surfing is not ruined by apps. The app, Android Adblock is a free app and is in its beta version. Using it is a bit challenging – you have to install the app and then manually specify the blocking rules and filters. Using it requires some technical knowledge. However, the Adblock Extension for Firefox was easier to use. With this app you get a nearly ad-free environment to work in.

Push Notifications:

Blocking ads via the push notifications is bit of a challenge especially if you don’t want to root your phone. You have some options, the obvious one is to read the user reviews before installing any app. Also, there are apps such as AirPush Detector, Addons Detector, etc. which can find ad-friendly apps living on your phone.

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