How To Root & Unroot Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070

Rooting your Android phone is something which you’ll come across while learning how to improve your device. By rooting your phone you get administrative access to your phone. And by gaining root access, you do what you please with your phone. The main reason why people root their Android devices is freedom and control and by this, you can adjust it to their liking. You can speed up your device by relocating the phone’s cache. This will save phone’s memory and hence, result in a faster working device. You can alter system files – add new themes, edit core apps (maps, calendar, clock, etc.), change recovery and boot images, etc. People often complain that apps can be installed only in the phone’s internal memory and not in the SD card. This undue advantage can be removed if your root your device.

Now lets look at the step by step process to Root & Unroot Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070.

Just a quick reminder that you follow all the instructions at your own risk, we’re not responsible in any case if your phone is bricked.

Rooting prerequisites for Samsung Galaxy S Advance:

  • The procedure is for Windows PC only.
  • Ensure that your phone has at least 60-70% battery life.
  • Backup all your contacts, logs, sms and rest of useful data.
  • Go to menu > Settings > Applications > Development. Enable USB Debugging.
Steps to Root Galaxy S Advance:
  1. Download GT-I9070-root.rar and extract it.
  2. From the extracted folder, run the program “Odin3 v1.83.exe”.
  3. Turn off the phone and turn it on download mode (by pressing volume down + home button + power button). A screen indicating the same will appear. Connect your phone to your computer and choose continue.
  4. Under PIT file browse for GT-I9070_EUR_XX_8G_20111220_KL6.pit in the folder that you’ve extracted.
  5. Under PDA file, choose rootkernel.tar.md5.
  6. Make sure that Re-Partition, Flash Lock, Phone EFS clear and Phone Boot Loader Update options are are unchecked, only Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time should be checked/selected.
  7. Then press start and wait for phone to reboot.
  8. Repeat steps 3, 4, 6 and 7, escape step 6 and then under PDA choose xxld1.tar.md5, if your phone is using other firmware then download appropriate firmware mentioned below and choose that.

9. Download Superuser application from the market and if you can run it, then your phone has been successfully rooted.

Steps To Unroot Samsung Galaxy S Advance:

  1. First go to this website, register and search for Galaxy S Advance I9070 firmwares.
  2. Enter your country, region etc to get original firmware.
  3. Download your original firmware and then you just need to flash this firmware using ODIN, exactly same as you flashed rooted firmware in the procedure mentioned above. You can flash same pit file, just replace PDA with your orignal firmware and make sure that option of Re-partition is turned-off/not selected.
Rooting & Unrooting Procedure Credit : XDA Forum

If you aren’t careful with your rooted device, the phone may end up bricking the phone. This means you interfere with the device’s working to the extent that you end up destroying its functionality and it is no more useful than a brick. There is also a risk of downloading malware in your rooted phone. This is because rooting circumvents the security system of the phone. You should download some security apps in order to protect your phone.

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