How To Run Android Apps On iPhone & iPad

The Android market has myriad apps, some of which have no match in any other operating system. Many iPhone and iPad users would love to install some of the uber cool Android apps in their non-Android devices. Well, this is now possible and there are two ways of running Android apps in a non-Android environment. They are as follows:

Running Android apps on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS & iPad:

This new trend of running Android apps in different environments was actually first used by Blackberry. However, for iPhone, the actual Android apps can be run using in-the-box VM. In order to do so, the user needs a thorough knowledge of both operating systems.

In-the-box is a Dalvik VM ported to iOS so as to run any of the basic apps. All one has to do is to write down the Android code, convert it into Dalvik executable and then package and install to In-the-box on iPhone. Then one has to build the binary application, sign it and submit it to the App Store.

Installing Android on iPhone 3G using iPhoDroid: 

This is an application for Windows that allows us to install Android in iPhone 3G. Here is the procedure of doing so:

  • Download iPhoDroid R13K for Windows.
  • Open iPhoDroid and a dialog box will appear. Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB and click on Shoot in the dialog box.
  • After some time the process of extracting the necessary drivers and files for Android touchscreen will start. This is an automatic process.
  • The iPhone will reboot automatically and enter into Recovery Mode.
  • Start the iPhoDroid.exe again and choose “Exit Recovery Mode” to start the iPhone.
  • The process of installing Android is complete. However, this method is solely confined to iPhone 3G.

Though the method of installing Android through the Dalvik virtual machine appears luring, it is full of risks. For iPad users, it is suspected that their device would not be protected from malware. Moreover, there have also been instances when the crackers have developed methods of running one’s platform software on another. The users can install Android in their iOS powered devices but at the risk of being trojanized or infected critically.


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