Top 10 Best Motion Based Games For Android

Accelerometer or motion sensor games make use of the accelerometer of the phone. They are quite fun because you don’t have to use any keys or tap your phone. Instead you play by tilting the phone. Here is a list of the best ten accelerometer based games for Android:

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD

Race the world and feel the adrenaline. The popular racing game, Asphalt 6 makes you feel like that. If you have played Asphalt 5, you will know it’s amazing. Well the Asphalt 6 is much better and is equipped with awesome graphics, game play and visual effects. There are 42 cars to choose from and you can build your own garage, play online and participate in any of the eleven leagues. The game is tuned to perfection – meaning you can take advantage of the numerous tuning options to help your vehicle reach peak performance on any track.

A Tilt 3D Labyrinth

This is a classic game based on realistic physics, 3D graphics and much more. It is a labyrinth maze game where you have to make your way past holes, tilting your phone left and right, rotating pieces to reach your final goal. There are 258 built in levels and you can create your own custom levels and share them online. With OpenFeint support for high scores and achievement there is very little scope to get bored by the game. The ad version is available for free and the ad free version comes for $3.39.


This is a short and simple yet pretty interesting game. It is a motion sensor game based on the story that your friends have been abducted by aliens. Tilt to follow the UFO in space, grab power ups and rescue your friends as you go. The free version includes the random Quick Game modes, kids’ mode and demo of adventure and challenge modes. The Abduction! World attack includes more levels and challenges, dozens of characters to unlock, etc.

Penguin Skiing 3D

This is a fun racing game where you drive the penguin racing down the slope of various snow covered mountains while catching as many fish as possible. Keep in mind that you need to have a SD card installed to play this game. You can control the penguin using accelerometer or a virtual D-pad. It is a free game.

Speedx 3D

This is a stunning accelerometer controlled tunnel racer equipped with awesome graphics. It is an action game where you have to avoid colorful blocks by using tilt motion controls. You have four levels of difficulty. The speed of game increases with every level of difficulty. It is available free of cost.

Radio Ball 3D

This is another such action game which is fun, radioactive, fast paced and accelerometer driven 3D game. It is a tunnel game where a uranium ball is driven by radioactive waste and you have to reach the end. You can collect power ups, do combos and destroy/ avoid obstacles.

Skies of Glory

This is a 3D accelerometer game with stunning graphics and effects. You have to control a plane, battle other planes, tanks and ships. You can play a single player game or an online multi-player game. The game is realistic, challenging and pretty addictive.


This is an action game where you tilt your phone to control balls. There are countless levels ranging from easy to almost impossible. You have to move the red balls from the screen and retain the green ones. You can compare your performance with other players after each level.

i Fishing Lite

This is the best fishing game in Android. It is realistic and in depth. The full version has about 15 lakes. The game is very popular and is available free of cost.

Falling Ball

The game involves saving a 2D man from the falling balls. The game starts with just one ball but the number increases as the level progresses.

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