Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy Samsung Galaxy S III

The new flagship device of the Korean Giant has been unveiled. The Samsung Galaxy S III that comes with some commendable features is a top end Android phone that will pose some serious competition in the market. The Galaxy S III is not just a mere replica of its predecessor but freshens up Samsung’s flagship Android offering and is equipped with tons of new features such as S-Voice, smart stay, smart alert, S beam, etc. In spite of the hyped about phone, there are some reasons for not buying the phone.

  • Questionable Display Design: Samsung’s phones always feature amazing displays. For the S III, Samsung uses HD Super AMOLED but has switched to Pentile pixel matrix. This messes up the otherwise crystal clear touchscreen. Some people do not notice the shortcomings, but smartphone aficionados will be put off by this feature. Moreover, Samsung has increased the size of the S III’s screen to 4.8 inches from the S II’s size of 4.3 inches. Many people find a 4.3 inch pretty large enough.
  • Untested Processor: For the S III, Samsung has used its own quad core Exynox processor. Each core has a clock speed of 1.4 GHz and the device has 1 GB RAM. The drawback is that it uses Samsung’s 32nm processes. Exynox does not appear as efficient as other chips like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4.
  • Materials & Design: Early hands-on reports reveal that the S III material is a bit chintzy. The iPhone 5 is rumored to be made of a material called liquidmetal. Samsung needs to improve the build and feel of the phones. In fact, Nokia and HTC have done much better with their phones.
  • Camera Quality: With awesome camera phones coming up, a 12 MP or at least 10 MP cameras were expected. The S III comes with a simple 8 MP shooter in the rear and a 1.9 MP in the front.
  • Few Color Options: Samsung does not provide proper color options for the S III. There are just blue and white models.
  • Version of Android: Jellybean, is coming out later this year and a Jellybean upgrade will not be coming out till next year and most features of Jellybean will be covered by Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.
  • Benchmark Pi: Benchmark Pi is a simple single threaded benchmark. The S III falls behind phones such as HTC One S in this aspect.
  • S Voice: The S Voice which is a highly hyped about feature of the S III, is hardly functional as the ads claim.
  • SIM Slot: The phone has a micro SIM slot which might be inconvenient to some.
  • Price: The phone is highly priced, at $780 more people will look to buy an iPhone or HTC’s One X.

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